SAPY specialises in premium-grade white, colour, black and additive masterbatches for a variety of plastic applications including

  • sheet/film extrusion,
  • blow moulding,
  • injection moulding,
  • tape extrusion (raffia),
  • coating,
  • multifilament spinning,
  • spun bond and other non-wovens.

The Colour Library stores thousands of colours while the Colour Laboratory houses state-of-the-art equipment, including high-spec photo-spectrometers, and a powerful database used for cataloging and expediting custom masterbatches.


Custom Products

SAPY’s professional sales team is equipped with a sound knowledge of plastics and packaging and will work with you through the process.

  1. The colour matching process can be initiated with a Pantone colour, or a physical colour sample, along with your specifications/requirements.
  2. These requirements are loaded into our custom online system via the Design and Development Module, and this goes through to our Colour Lab with your physical sample.
  3. Our Colour Lab will replicate the colour in our Research and Development department, taking into account your technical specifications.
    Our R&D department is equipped with a full range of machines designed to replicate your process and get the best colour match possible.  These machines include injection-moulding, blow-moulding, a 55mm baby blown film line, sample tape and FDY machines.
  4. A masterbatch sample is then produced for trial in your production line and the colour saved to our extensive digital Colour Library for future reference.

Standard Products

Please click this link to see our List of Standard Colours which are affordably priced, and ideally suited for injection and blow-moulding applications.

We also have a range of additive masterbatches including Processing Aids, Slip, Anti-Static, Anti-block and UV Stabilisers in stock.  Please get in touch and we will assist with a free sample to trial.

Masterbatch for Food Packaging

Our raw materials are carefully selected directly from reputable manufacturers who we have a long lasting business partnership with.  These raw materials undergo testing against global standards to certify that they are suitable for use in our masterbatch that goes into your plastic food packaging.  In addition, you have the added reassurance that we are making your masterbatch under carefully controlled conditions outlined in both our ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System policies and procedures.