SAPY (PTY) Ltd was incorporated in 1994 to supply the multi-filament polypropylene yarn market in South Africa and surrounding regions, and began production in October 1995. Building on strong technical expertise, the company was driven forward to establish the market foothold that it has in the industry today. Over 70,000 m² plant is home to 3 modernised divisions within SAPY – namely Yarn, Masterbatch and Fibre.

Our Yarn division houses the largest multi-filament polypropylene yarn extrusion facility in Southern Africa, manufacturing partially-oriented yarn, fully drawn yarn, flat filaments, false twist textured, air textured, twisted and air intermingled yarn.  This yarn is used in a multitude of semi-industrial applications by our customers, including seatbelts, mattress ticking, filter fabric, industrial stitching thread, upholstery etc.

An increased need for shortened lead times and the demand for multiple custom colour in the yarn division lead to in-house manufacturing of masterbatches in the late 1990's. SAPY is the only South African masterbatch manufacturer that is also a consumer. Over twenty years of experience in the industry has cumulated in an ever-growing library of thousands of colours. The Colour Laboratory houses state-of-the-art equipment, including high-spec photo-spectrometers, and a powerful database used for cataloguing and expediting custom masterbatches. SAPY is equipped with top-of-the range twin-screw extruders improving production efficiency, and output quality for optimum customer run ability.

SAPY specialises in masterbatches for sheet/film extrusion, blow moulding, injection moulding, tape extrusion (raffia), coating, multifilament spinning, spun bond and other non-wovens.

SAPY launched their branded Corehfil Speciality Fibres as a concrete additive to limit shrinkage and control early micro-cracking in cementatious products. SAPY is the official supplier of micro-fibres to Lafarge, and secured the tender for fibres for the Dubai International Airport.

Continuous investment in people and technology enables SAPY to focus on flexibility, quality and affordability.

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