Polypropylene Yarn

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SAPY Multifilament Polypropylene Yarn can be supplied in Single or Multi-ply, Twisted or Untwisted, Intermingled, False Twist Textured and Air Textured. We can supply various thicknesses and various numbers of filaments dependant on your requirements.

Masterbatch & Additives

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Our Colours division is the building block for our masterbatches and additives. A library of tens of thousands of colours and a state-of-the art laboratory expedites custom-matching. Top-end equipment and technology maintain the quality and consistency synonymous with our brand.

Corehfil™ Fibre

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SAPY Corehfil™ Fibre is a specially manufactured polypropylene microfibre used as a concrete additive to limit plastic shrinkage and control early cracking in cementatious products. As supplied to Dubai International Airport.